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A Simple White Shirt – Part Five

Living in Perth, Western Australia in my late teens, one day, in the public Conversation Room at the language school where I attended my English classes, I met Linda, a lady who was also from Taiwan. We clicked straight away and became very good friends. Between 37 and 18, yes, Linda and I had a […]

Throwback The ’90s – One Earring Only And The Lennon Sunglasses

The bright side of the ’90s one-earring trend for me was that, every so often; I shared the earrings with my female friends, we split the cost of a pair and each kept a single earring – the whole look at half the price! However, the down side of this was that I ended up […]

Throwback The ’90s – The Oversized Blazer

Just when I get used to wearing the fitted blazer and have donated almost all my ’90s oversized blazers to charity.., these big; slouchy blazers have made a comeback! Unlike the ’80s – think of Joan Collins and Grace Jones’ power-shouldered power suits – the ’90s oversized blazer was more laid back and clean-lined. What […]

Throwback The ’90s – Ripped; Coloured Jeans & Tying A Shirt Around The Waist

When I saw this ’90s picture of myself, my memories of wearing this pair of purple jeans came vividly alive to me. I remember having to rip the jeans myself as it was in trend. I also owned a green pair which I never tore, but that’s another story. Frankly speaking, I’d much rather be […]

The Tale Of A Qipao 旗袍 (Chi-Pao) – The Introduction

Happy Year of the Horse everyone!! In another four days, the Year of the Snake will come to an end, following up the turn of the Year of the Horse. While we are celebrating Chinese New Year, I want to dedicate these three blog posts about Chinese lady’s fashion culture since the 17th century’s Qing […]

Shanghai Escape Delayed By My New Little Black Dress

Every fashionista owns, wears and loves her little black dress… These timeless little black dresses have been worn, photographed, written about and reinvented time after time…. Myself? I do own a few of them, just like you I guess, but there is a particular one which brings more memories to me than the others…. Back […]