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A Simple White Shirt – Part Five

Living in Perth, Western Australia in my late teens, one day, in the public Conversation Room at the language school where I attended my English classes, I met Linda, a lady who was also from Taiwan. We clicked straight away and became very good friends. Between 37 and 18, yes, Linda and I had a […]

Throwback The ’90s – The ‘Tuck It In’ Trend

Remember what Julia Roberts was wearing as Vivian Ward in the last scene of Pretty Woman? A loose fitted white Tee underneath a black oversized blazer with shoulder pads, AND she tucked the white Tee into her high waisted jeans. Pretty Woman was a big hit in 1990 and so was Vivian Ward’s wardrobe. The […]

Throwback The ’90s – The Oversized Blazer

Just when I get used to wearing the fitted blazer and have donated almost all my ’90s oversized blazers to charity.., these big; slouchy blazers have made a comeback! Unlike the ’80s – think of Joan Collins and Grace Jones’ power-shouldered power suits – the ’90s oversized blazer was more laid back and clean-lined. What […]

Throwback The ’90s – The Bandana

How do I feel about the ’90s fashion trends that have made a comeback so fast? I mean, that decade contains my precious teenage years to my twenties. Before today I had resisted to blog about any comeback trend from the ’90s.., well, I’ve been there and done that! However, there are some trends I’d […]

If I Could Turn Back Time… I’d Dress Up For La Bohème

Turning back the clock to September 1998. I was visiting my British boyfriend (let’s call him Mark), who had moved to Hong Kong for work from Taipei. One night Mark came home from work and he told me he had bought tickets for us to see La Bohème the very next night at the Hong Kong […]

When In Paris… Strike A Pose By The Extravagant Pont Alexandre III

Paris to me has two faces, or perhaps should I say, Paris is a woman with double identities. In Quartier Latin; Montmartre and mostly down the left bank, I see her as this Bohemian chick. When I turn around to Grand Palais; Petit Palais; the Louvre and so on.., she suddenly becomes an ornate and […]

My Autumn/Winter Essentials – The One-For-All Jacket

By saying ‘one-for-all’, I do not mean an uni-sex style. What I mean is a jacket which pretty much covers all my occasions and outings; such as : galleries, art openings, movies, theatres, cafe, bars…ext. In other words, this jacket fits very well with my life style. Just before I started this blog post, I […]