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A Simple White Shirt – Part Six

In my humble opinion, to rock the shirt dress as a shirt dress, the wearer needs a good pair of toned and, preferably, tanned legs. At the end of last spring, I was putting on some extra weight but feeling happy and perhaps, over confident, so I decided to give my Chinatown-found shirt dress a […]

A Simple White Shirt – Part Five

Living in Perth, Western Australia in my late teens, one day, in the public Conversation Room at the language school where I attended my English classes, I met Linda, a lady who was also from Taiwan. We clicked straight away and became very good friends. Between 37 and 18, yes, Linda and I had a […]

My Autumn/Winter Essentials – A Pair Of Ankle Boots

For a long period of time, I once owned six pairs of ankle boots.., during that time, I had only one pair of knee high boots. While those six pairs of ankle boots were worn to death by me; I have only worn my knee high boots once. Yes, once! And that, was for having […]

A Simple White Shirt – Part Two

Paris, a city which I have long loved and visited many times. In recent years I have started questioning my Paris obsession and frequently thought, ‘Am I done with Paris??’ Once upon a time in Paris… It was Paris in the spring time, 2012. I had no major plans to do or to see anything; […]