Pont Alexandre III By Day Photoshoot

Writer and blogger Vivienne She wearing a black and white striped top and polka dot wide-leg cropped trousers on Pont Alexandre III in Paris. Fashion portraits by Australian photographer Kent Johnson.

I inveigled Kent with descriptions of this glorious opulent Paris bridge – Pont Alexandre III, and how much I adored it over and over. When we finally travelled to Paris together from Sydney, Kent, in Paris for the first time, was eager to see this ‘most beautiful bridge in the world’. As a photographer, he knew that a set of photographs capturing me at my most loved Parisian landmark would be a special gift, a memento. The very first time we strolled through this bridge together, for me, the old memories, sweet and bitter, flooded back at me. Whereas for Kent, ‘grand and stunning’ was his first impression. At the same time, studying the light and location scouting the best angles of this famous bridge was also on his mind.

Well, it was me who insisted the photo shoot should take place on a Sunday. In my experience, there were fewer people on the bridge during the weekend, especially on Sundays. Little did I know that times had changed, the ‘quiet’ Sunday was surprisingly full of people and vehicles even though it was the first week of June – the summer vacation had not even started! Pont Alexandre III on this particular Sunday was invaded by pedestrians, groups of bicycle riders; tourists, and brides posing to be photographed… I was so worried that our shoot wouldn’t go smoothly. Kent encouraged me to ‘go with it’ and ‘don’t worry’ as he always said. It seemed that he was prepared! Using a long lens shooting across the roadway from the other side of the bridge. It was a rather hectic bridge… cars, backpackers; wedding photo camera crews, selfie stick enthusiasts… I could hardly see him!

Next, I stayed up, he went downstairs. Shooting up from the embankment below, there he was, a speck on the pavement. I remained on the bridge, leaning out over the balustrade. My black-and-white striped top, polka dot wide-leg trousers, and a stripy-circled wide-brim hat were all part of my interpretation of looking so Frenchy so chic! Some onlookers sensed a chance of photobombing the shot; others, such as the small crowd behind him in an alfresco bar below, harmlessly waved their arms about imitating his hand gestures for a little fun.

We wrapped the shoot on the embankment. That picturesque spot is what you see in this portrait above. This is one of the four mini-stories based on my own experiences I wrote for White Caviar Life. Now you know my favourite spot in Paris, how about you? Where about in the City of Lights do you love most?

Having an idea for your own fashion story? Why not book photographer Kent Johnson to help you make your vision a reality!


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