Monthly Archives: March 2014

One Dress Two Looks – Series Three

It all started with a framed picture of mine which sat quietly on the corner of my book shelves… Not only was the frame not flattering to the photo; the way I wore this top-half-all-lace Italian dress was wrong too. Well I wore my black bra inside; therefore, the beautiful lace was disturbed by the […]

Let’s Go Floral

9/11 tragedy happened when I was holidaying in Manhattan. It was my very first trip to the US. On the day when it happened, I stood in front of Times Square watching news on the big screen in complete silence with a large crowd. Having witnessed such a huge event; same as everybody else, my […]

A Simple White Shirt – Part Two

Paris, a city which I have long loved and visited many times. In recent years I have started questioning my Paris obsession and frequently thought, ‘Am I done with Paris??’ Once upon a time in Paris… It was Paris in the spring time, 2012. I had no major plans to do or to see anything; […]