Monthly Archives: January 2015

One Dress Two Looks – Series Four

Continuing my previous minimal look… Here I added a little black blazer and I almost threw a scarf on, but I chose to keep the neckline clean. The heeled sandals have been replaced by my ankle boots and my wide brimmed hat has been swapped by a straw fedora. It doesn’t require many changes to […]

One Dress Two Looks – Series Four

As a minimalist dresser, in my ideal world, if I were allowed to make style rules, the rule number one would be: Wide brimmed hat and sandals (not wedges) only, I do mean ONLY – when wearing a summer dress. In other words, you don’t need anything more. So, please take off your heart-shape necklace; […]

My Current Obsession Is… The Envelope Clutch

The way I see a woman’s handbag and her clutch is different. To me, a handbag should be functional; it reflects the user’s personality and her life style. As for a clutch, I see it and treat it as a piece of jewellery – it’s the ‘icing on the cake’ to the ensemble; it’s the […]

The World Of Matching Purple… Or Something Like It

Purple is my favourite colour and it always has been. Not only am I fascinated by this colour which contains a perfect balance of cool (blue) and warmth (red). I also love the purple colour group, from amethyst; violet; lavender; eggplant; indigo; orchid to plum.., just to name a few. It’s not just the fashion […]

Time To Bare Our Shoulders

The off-the-shoulder look is so in right now! I used to own an off-the-shoulder top in the mid 90’s; it was white with purple floral print, then my friend Joyce, who’s a well known singer in Taiwan, gave me her white ruffled bare-shoulder top; and then I had two. What I (and perhaps many others) […]