Monthly Archives: December 2013

Pearls Are My Best Friends

They said ‘Diamonds are girls’ best friends.’… But for me? Pearls are my best friends! Do I need to say more about the beauty and charm of pearls? Not really. From centuries ago till now, pearls have been loved from royalty to… the rest of us. The foremost reason I so love about them, is […]

In The Mood For Polka Dot

Polka dot is HUGE this season! Ten days ago I was on my way to meet a friend for a pre Christmas catch up over lunch, all these polka dot dresses in the fashion windows I walked by, seemed screaming at me: ‘polka dot polka dot polka dot polka dot….’ Then I came home, after […]

Fashion Accessories I Love, And Why… Hats

I have a hat fetish, there is no doubt about that. But here I’m going to share a recent story with you, about how my hat became my saviour…. On the evening of 26th September, it was an ordinary Thursday night. By saying ‘ordinary’, I meant, I planed to have a quiet evening after work. […]

Fashion Accessories I Love, And Why… Earrings

If I was only allowed to pick one type of fashion accessory to wear, well… I’d most likely be going for a pair of earrings. And the reason? Very simple. Earrings draw attention to our faces! From a pair of little studs to a pair of dramatic chandelier drop earrings, they have different effects on […]