Monthly Archives: May 2014

My Autumn/Winter Essentials – A Three Quarter Length Coat

Beside a camel three quarter length coat my beloved grandmother bought me when I was a child, which I wore a lot back then as a little girl, I didn’t quite develop the love for this style of coat until much later on in my life. In 2002, I decided to get myself a black […]

My Autumn/Winter Essentials – A Black Turtleneck Jumper

A black turtleneck jumper is my must – have fashion item for the cold days. I’ve been wearing jumpers this style for as long as I can remember. I usually have a short sleeve and a long sleeve version in my wardrobe. In Autumn, the short sleeve jumper would be warm enough, and needless to […]

My Autumn/Winter Essentials – The Beret

There is something about wearing a beret that I love… As soon as I put one on, my whole look would instantly be given a European feel to it… Except for summer, I wear berets all year round. Not only are they très chic, they are also very easy to be rolled up and carried […]

Returning To The Scene Of The Seam – Suspenders And Stockings Back In Fashion

Actress Kim Basinger had a scene in ‘Nine and a Half Weeks’, in which her character Elizabeth lifted her legs against a wall while she was viewing art slides; in George Michael’s music video ‘I Want Your Sex’, the model (George’s then girl friend Kathy Jeung’s body double), just like Kim’s character, was also wearing […]