Monthly Archives: August 2013

My Travel Essentials – The Metallic, Beaded, Or Bejewelled Flat Sandals

When you think about it, a pair of plain flat sandals offer comfort, then by introducing metallic fabric; adding beaded or bejewelled decorations to them suddenly provides a much more glamorous approach to their humble pastlife. So, to combine comfort and style – ‘VoilĂ ! We have a winner!!!’ Last year I was in Paris for […]

My Travel Essentials – Costume Jewellery

Unless we book into a luxury five star hotel; dine at chic restaurants and sip our champagne at exclusive wine bars or members-only clubs, otherwise, leave those diamonds and expensive pearls at home! Costume jewellery is good enough to give our outfits some extra flavours. And not to mention if we get robbed during our […]

My Travel Essentials – A Dress Which Can Be Worn From Day To Night

The reasons are simple: 1) Just in case you walk by a swanky bar, and don’t feel like rushing back to your hotel room to get rid of the old jeans and stinky runners… 2) As a tourist, actually, as anybody, we normally get better service and treatment when we dress up a little bit. […]