My Travel Essentials – The Metallic, Beaded, Or Bejewelled Flat Sandals

My Travel Essentials - A Pair Of Metallic, Beaded, Or Bejewelled Flat Sandals

When you think about it, a pair of plain flat sandals offer comfort, then by introducing metallic fabric; adding beaded or bejewelled decorations to them suddenly provides a much more glamorous approach to their humble pastlife. So, to combine comfort and style – ‘Voilà! We have a winner!!!’

Last year I was in Paris for a short stay. It was on a weekday in May, I was travelling by metro alone and spotted this beautiful and stylish Asian model who walked in elegantly… She was wearing an almost see-through long-sleeve black blouse; black pencil pants, and a pair of bright orange and hot pink flat sandals.
Although her sandals were neither metallic, nor beaded and they were not bejewelled, but the effect was equally strong. And I just admired the way she chose her flat sandals as her ensemble’s leading star. (You bet I was taking notes there…)

This year, I’m happy to be back to my beloved ‘City of Light’, due to having this ‘flat sandals’ topic in mind which I want to write, I’ve been checking out both locals and tourists’ foot wear wherever I go…
Well, what caught my eyes this time around was a mother of two young kids, who was in a very simple V-neck white Tee and blue jeans. Her choice of foot wear? – A pair of bling bling metallic flat sandals! And the bling was made to be noticed that’s for sure!

There is a message in it I believe: as a mother of two, life can be chaotic, but she must not forget the bling… Those magic blings have screamed for her to the rest of the world: ‘Yes I am a mother, yes I dress for comfort… But, look at me!! I’m still shining and FABULOUS!!!’

Self portrait with the collaboration of A.K.


  1. As you say, girls can look great in flat sandals.

    As an equivalent, what are the men wearing? Hopefully not thongs!!!

    And what do you think men should wear as casual comfortable shoes to go with either long pants or shorts?

    • I take it as a compliment when a man asks for my opinions on their foot wear choices! So, thank you Oliver! X
      Well~ My first choice when it comes to men’s casual-smart foot wear would no doubt be those canvas or leather yachting/boat shoes! I love those navy blue with white framed edge ones the most!

      You are right. I don’t think thongs for men are screaming chic, flat sandals for women (the decorated ones), are somehow, a very different story… 😉

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog. Yes, you are right, a pair of colourful, decorative sandals or flat shoes do give you comfort and make you attractive, even can be your statement.
    You have a keen sense of observation, I look forward to next week’s blog.

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