My Travel Essentials – Costume Jewellery

My Travel Essentials - Some Costume Jewelleries

Unless we book into a luxury five star hotel; dine at chic restaurants and sip our champagne at exclusive wine bars or members-only clubs, otherwise, leave those diamonds and expensive pearls at home!

Costume jewellery is good enough to give our outfits some extra flavours. And not to mention if we get robbed during our vacation, they’d save our tears and energy rushing to the nearest police station.

Same as all my other trips, I brought some costume jewellery with me to Paris this time. As a minimalist when it comes to dressing myself, I find that no more than two pieces of jewellery on an outfit is the key!
I do love those statement and interesting quirky pieces, they are the best! If I already have earrings as my main event, I’d avoid a necklace or a neck piece – one shouldn’t steal the other’s limelight.

During my first week in Paris this time, I found myself in a boho style jewellery shop, which was hidden in a quiet land way at Latin Quarter. The sales girl gave me a compliment over my very simple one piece navy dress and a large heart shape silver necklace. (She probably just wanted to make a sale!) But there and then she proved it for me that all we need is ONE centre piece when it comes to wearing jewellery – the same rule apply when it comes to accessories.

However, please don’t wear those plastic or glass beaded necklaces or bracelets – go costume jewellery does not mean go cheap! And, if we must fake diamonds, please note, the smaller the better!

Self portrait with the collaboration of A.K.


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