Monthly Archives: July 2015

From The Red Shoes To Outfit Of The Day

Back to the time when I was a teenager, one day I heard one of my uncles made a comment about the Danish fairy tale The Red Shoes: “This story takes the punishment of vanity too far!” I heard him saying. Back then I did not give much thought about it. Once I started making […]

When In Paris… Strolling By La Seine In A Wide Brimmed Hat

Am I a romantic? When Johnny Depp answered this very same question, he simply said: “I watched Wuthering Heights fifteen times!” Well, I only watched Wuthering Heights three times, I guess that makes me a romantic too?!!! So, speaking of… I have many romantic moments in my memory and one has a lot to do […]

When In Paris… Pastel Is The Dress Code

Years ago my English friend Chris who came to Sydney for a business trip from London. When we met up in Martin Place; which was near the Westin Hotel where he stayed, this was his opening line when he saw me walking toward him: “It’s very white here!” Oh yes, back then and there, we […]