Monthly Archives: March 2015

As Our Lives Grow, So Do Our Handbags

Let’s talk about handbags ladies! When it comes to our daily use of bags; size matters!! We have an intimate relationship with our daily handbags. Not only do they carry what we need; they are also one of our accessories. A few weeks ago I was at a café and overheard two young ladies having a […]

In Between Seasons… Make Wool Your Friend

I love the feeling of wool. As soon as I put on my woollen cardigan or gloves; there is an instant comfort to my body and skin. Although most of the garments we see today, are the result of two or more mixed wool blend fabric; woolly clothes are not hard to find. A female […]

In Between Seasons… Why Not Channel A New Trend

Every seasonal change, I see myself changing over my wardrobe. It’s so comforting to dig out a cardigan from last year, or in my case; I could easily dig out a 12-year old jumper and tell myself: ‘You don’t need anything new for now!’ However, few weeks ago, I wanted to dress in something new; […]

In Between Seasons… Keep Your Wraps Handy

In Sydney, we have just entered our 6th day of autumn. The sky is crystal clear; it’s windy; dry and the temperature drops at nights. The fashion in the early autumn is pretty much the extension of the just-gone summer, except for the extra wraps we need to cover up from the strong wind and […]