Monthly Archives: September 2015

‘Artificial’ Theatrical – Front Row @ ‘From Raw To Recycled’

People who know me would know that I’m obsessed with recycling. So it seems like destiny to me to be viewing Dehautt by Sara NicoletteĀ ‘Artificial – From Raw to Recycled’ fashion parade on a recent Friday night in Sydney. The runway show took place at Paddington Uniting Church. On arrival we had some refreshments and […]

This Is How We Crop It

Crop tops are certainly not new. Think of Madonna or Flashdance from the 80’s. When the crop top came back to trend this time around, my reaction to it was: ‘No thanks!’ That’s right, ‘No thanks!’. However, this ‘no’ actually comes from love. I love the fashion; I adore the look. Does the style suit […]

The Hat The Stylist And The Gentleman’s Hub

On making our way to the ground floor, Kent, Keith and I headed straight to The Gentleman’s Hub at the George Street end of the Strand Arcade. The Gentleman’s Hub was right out front of my favourite store – the Strand Hatters; plus why not be near the pop up whisky bar serving The Balvenie […]