Monthly Archives: June 2014

My Autumn/Winter Essentials – Gloves

My birthday is in February and in the Northern hemisphere, February is often a cold month. I remember spending my 22nd birthday in Taipei and among one of my birthday presents was a beautiful beanie, scarf and gloves set, like a snow accessories package! When I opened the gift box, I treasured the dark red […]

My Autumn/Winter Essentials – Scarves And Wraps

Wearing a winter scarf or a wrap sounds very simple; it is however, if we do it with a little extra effort, this accessory can make our entire look! Back to 2002 when I was learning French in Paris, on a late Autumn day as I strolled about the city – as I always do […]

My Autumn/Winter Essentials – Tights And Pantyhose

After seeing snow for the very first time in my life in Paris, I soon saw snow again in Liverpool, UK. It was towards to the end of my four months’ European stay in the end of November 2005, I had to return to Liverpool from Paris to collect my luggage which I left with […]

My Autumn/Winter Essentials – A Black Blazer

The romantic comedy ‘Pretty Woman’ was the big hit movie of 1990. Not only did it make Julia Roberts a household name, the movie rocked the fashion world too! Women around the world were lusting after the fashion Julia’s character Vivian wore; such as: above knee boots, the ‘boy friend shirt’, the polka dot dress, […]

My Autumn/Winter Essentials – The One-For-All Jacket

By saying ‘one-for-all’, I do not mean an uni-sex style. What I mean is a jacket which pretty much covers all my occasions and outings; such as : galleries, art openings, movies, theatres, cafe, bars…ext. In other words, this jacket fits very well with my life style. Just before I started this blog post, I […]