My Autumn/Winter Essentials – Gloves

My Autumn/Winter Essentials - Gloves

My birthday is in February and in the Northern hemisphere, February is often a cold month.
I remember spending my 22nd birthday in Taipei and among one of my birthday presents was a beautiful beanie, scarf and gloves set, like a snow accessories package!
When I opened the gift box, I treasured the dark red and grey matching wool accessories so much that I decided I’d save them for much colder days in the future.

Years later, I did experience some ‘much colder days’ when travelling in Europe and I wore my dark grey soft wool gloves to keep my cold hands warm. However, it took me many stubborn years to realize that as someone who always suffers from icy cold hands in winter; I really should wear gloves through out the entire winter season. Even living in Sydney.
Besides the cold, the back of both my hands get sun spots, so wearing gloves is a good solution to reduce the sun damage.

During my holiday in Beijing 2009, I bought two pairs of leather gloves in a local leather market and, because the quality of the gloves was so high ( YES! Made in China! ), since owning these wonderful Chinese leather gloves, I have happily switched from wearing wool gloves to leather ones.

The gloves you see in this picture is one of the two pairs I purchased in Beijing… As for my 22nd birthday gift? Well, believe it or not, I treasure them so much that they haven’t even been worn once!
Well, dark red is in trend this winter, maybe it’s about time to put a woolly treasure to good use!

Self portrait with the collaboration of F. N.

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