My Autumn/Winter Essentials – A Pair Of Ankle Boots


For a long period of time, I once owned six pairs of ankle boots.., during that time, I had only one pair of knee high boots. While those six pairs of ankle boots were worn to death by me; I have only worn my knee high boots once. Yes, once! And that, was for having them photographed.
I guess that makes me an ankle boots kind of girl rather than the knee high boots kind!

For me, ankle boots are pants friendly, we don’t worry about tucking our trousers in or letting them hang out. When wearing a short skirt, they show off the shape of our legs more than the knee high ones; and that, makes me feel alluring in them! Plus they are easy to put on and take off; not to mention that they take up less space in our luggage and are lighter when it comes to travelling.
I can go on and give you all my reasons why I’d prefer a pair of ankle boots rather than the knee high boots, however, if you do love the ‘tuck the jeans in knee high boots’ look; well, I guess you just have to go for the knee high ones.

Right now I’m reading my first draft of this ankle boots story at the Café Tropicana to friends. We discuss all kinds of boots… Maureen, an advertising copywriter is also pro ankle boots, her opinion of knee high boots? “Whenever I put those knee high boots on, I feel like I need a riding crop to go with the look!” She says.
“Do ankle boots have more street style?” Brian, a scriptwriter raises the question.
Meanwhile, fashion photographer Kent shows us some UGG boots commercial shots he did on his tablet: “How about these boot?” He asks.
‘Oh NO~’ I shake my head. ‘NO high-heeled UGG boots please~’

Photo credit: Chris Balven.


  1. I don’t own any ankle boots. However, I am a cowgirl and have your typical style western boots, two pair of Uggs, one high calf leather black boots…..I just love boots. They are a girls best friend in the colder season;=}

  2. The only ankle books I ever owned were by “Reebok”. I did dance classes at Bondi Jct with them. Danced like a natural with the teachers from the Sydney Dance Company.
    Great photo of you Vivienne and of course the article caught my interest, looking forward to reading more.

    • Thank you for sharing your ankle boots experience Brian. Well, I also did four and a half years dance classes at Sydney Dance Company, but I learnt Hip Hop, so I wore runners…

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