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My Biker Jacket Diary – Embracing The Wild Side

In 1955, a certain silver screen actor named James Dean starred in the film ‘Rebel Without a Cause’. In this film, Dean’s character Jim Stark continued in making the biker jacket a symbol of the adventure; danger and rebellion. There’s no denying that a badass young man in a leather jacket has sex appeal. In […]

From The Red Shoes To Outfit Of The Day

Back to the time when I was a teenager, one day I heard one of my uncles made a comment about the Danish fairy tale The Red Shoes: “This story takes the punishment of vanity too far!” I heard him saying. Back then I did not give much thought about it. Once I started making […]

Entering The Grey Zone

Thanks to the phenomenon of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’; GREY is the ‘red hot’ shade right now! To be honest with you, I was not a fan of grey for a long time.., simply because I had never found this colour cheerful. Someone I once went out with for eighteen months, was an alcoholic and […]

One Dress Two Looks – Series Four

Continuing my previous minimal look… Here I added a little black blazer and I almost threw a scarf on, but I chose to keep the neckline clean. The heeled sandals have been replaced by my ankle boots and my wide brimmed hat has been swapped by a straw fedora. It doesn’t require many changes to […]

My Autumn/Winter Essentials – A Pair Of Ankle Boots

For a long period of time, I once owned six pairs of ankle boots.., during that time, I had only one pair of knee high boots. While those six pairs of ankle boots were worn to death by me; I have only worn my knee high boots once. Yes, once! And that, was for having […]

My Autumn/Winter Essentials – Tights And Pantyhose

After seeing snow for the very first time in my life in Paris, I soon saw snow again in Liverpool, UK. It was towards to the end of my four months’ European stay in the end of November 2005, I had to return to Liverpool from Paris to collect my luggage which I left with […]