Pearls Are My Best Friends

Pearls Are My Best Friends

They said ‘Diamonds are girls’ best friends.’… But for me? Pearls are my best friends!

Do I need to say more about the beauty and charm of pearls? Not really. From centuries ago till now, pearls have been loved from royalty to… the rest of us. The foremost reason I so love about them, is because of their lustre and sheen, which can enhance our glowing skin. Plus they have an oceanic feel about them, they give such a clean and pure look.

These days we can find pearls in all different colours, shapes and sizes. I personally prefer wearing white pearls, mostly because I have dark hair and dark eyes, so white pearls seem to stand out more on me. I also like those champagne colour pearls, or the white ones with a hint of pink colour on them.
In turns of shapes, I like both the round pearls and also the baroque shape ones. The baroque shape types are more fun to wear I find.

The good thing about pearls is, if one can’t afford ten’s of thousands on a strand of top quality South Sea pearls or Tahitian black pearls, there are plenty choices available when it comes to fresh water pearls. Although the nacre of fresh water pearls wouldn’t be as thick and rich as the sea pearls, however, they are much more affordable.

In this photo, I was wearing a long strand of fresh water pearl necklace. My pearl studs were also fresh water ones.
With my several years’ experience working for a jeweller… I know in fact, pearls are not only my best friends, they are many, many girls and women’s best friends! !

Self portrait with the collaboration of F. N.


  1. The one thing I love about Pearls is that they have a classic, timeless beauty. Reminisce of the past Hollywood starlets that graced our screens. Marilyn Monroe loved her Mikimoto pearls from Joe DiMaggio! And only recently Kelly Brook at the 2013 British Fashion Awards.
    Of course, the consumption of pearls also made for grand gestures. According to legend, Cleopatra showed her undying love for Mark Antony by dissolving a prized pear-shaped bauble in a glass of wine and drinking it. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, Sir Thomas Gresham, in an attempt to impress the Spanish ambassador and show him the grandeur of the kingdom, reduced a £15,000 pearl to powder, mixed it with wine and raised it in a toast to the Queen. Then there was Barbara Hutton, the millionaire socialite who owned a necklace of 53 pearls once worn by Marie Antoinette. One day, when asked where they were, she replied, “The goose has them.” She went on to explain that Mr. Cartier (who had sold her the necklace) said that if a goose swallowed her pearls “they would come out with a brighter luster.”
    You can find more interesting facts about “Pearls” in this insightful article. Finally in a Oyster shell
    will call it a wrap. I love Pearls.

    • WOW~ Thank you so much Ann-maree for your interesting and detailing stories above which were all related to PEARLS!!!
      I simply could not have asked for more from my readers to take part of this article like what you just shared. I especially enjoy the “goose swallowed her pearls” story – actually, don’t you think it’d make a great blog post title?? Haha…. 😉

  2. I love how there are so many different sizes, shapes and styles with pearls. I also like the white ones, or ones that are pink. I love your pearl necklace and earrings. Pearls are very classic! Great photo!

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