The Raffles International Showroom And Launch Party – Part Two

640-AdjSE_1921Among seven up-and-coming fashion designers I met at The Raffles Showroom Launch Party on Monday evening, I came close to and dare I say it – ‘intimate’ – with those young talents.

I did grab this unique chance to pick a few garments to try on, you know, it’s like when we spot a gorgeous outfit hanging in the shop window, there is an unstoppable inner voice keeps telling us: ‘Try it on!’ ‘Try it on!’
When I saw this Iven Teh’s coat, in which; the closest way to describe how I felt is – It’s very me!
I knew I had found my favourite garment in this room – not that I was looking for one in the first place.

This stunning three quarter coat is elegant; glamorous and practical. The pattern and the colours “had me at hello”! The buttons are made of Mother of Pearl.
And I happily had the designer Iven himself to appear in this photo with me. This would be my ‘fashion week moment’ that will always remain memorable to me.

Now, heading off to The Runway, Carriageworks for The Raffles International Showcase runway show.
I’m so excited!

Photography by: Kent Johnson


  1. That coat is beautiful, what a lovely pattern! So cool that you got to try it on and that you got to meet the designer too! 🙂

    • Yes indeed Mica! As I said, I had to grab this unique opportunity to try them on.., oh, and even better, the designer himself Iven helped me try his coat on! 🙂

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