My Current Denim Obsessions… Flared Jeans

1018-06Think of ‘Circle of Life’, the song from Disney movie ‘The Lion King’. Well, this song also tells the story of the currently trendy (again) – flared jeans.

From 60’s ‘bell-bottoms’ to 70’s ‘balloon pants’ to 90’s ‘boot-cut jeans’, the flared jean has reincarnated itself once again!
The style recently reborn on the fashion world’s centre stage. This time around, it channels the 60’s and 70’s, which is much more ‘out there’ than the 90’s slimmer flare. Think of Charlie’s Angels and Sonny and Cher in the 70’s! Got the picture?

At 165 cm tall, the key to me, rocking a pair of 60’s/70’s bell-bottoms is to slip on my highest pair of heels.
At the moment I’m searching for a pair of jeans from the 70’s; or like the 70’s; meanwhile, I’m wearing my moderate flared jeans from the 90’s – as this pair you see in the above image.
Well, it’s time to make room for new flared jeans! To tell the truth, the flared ones are the style I’ve always preferred.., they make me feel like a cool hippie once I put my oversized shades on!

‘Au revoir~ skinny jeans!’

Photography by: Road Wang


  1. I like the comment at the end of this piece. Although I think chic could be added so it read “cool and chic hippie” in your case Vivienne.

  2. Love the pic!

    I wear jeans so little that the only pairs I have are flared ones! Oddly, I’ve worn them three times this week – which double the times I’ve worn them this year. They pretty much come out for yard work, occasional sporting events (though not most of those) and dirty jobs around the house.

    • Thank you for your feedback Sarah!
      Yes, that’s what jeans are made for; they are the classic ‘working man’s pants’! However, they became so popular and even went all the way to high fashion!!!
      I have to say that I don’t like to see people wearing their jeans to the theatres; I think they take it too far…

  3. I’m also really happy to see that flared jeans are back. I have a pair of Seven jeans, which are just perfect. The only problem is that they’re 8 years old, so I’m not sure I’ll still be able to squeeze into them:)

    • You are not alone Mitzie; I have tried on several pairs from years ago in the bottom of my wardrobe.., the good news is, two of them I managed to squeeze in, but the rest has to go to charity! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Dear Vivienne, can you guess that this post is the one I specially leave the comment for celebrating your 100th post? Why? Because 100th in China’s culture means a perfect circle and you suggested ‘circle of life’ when you commenced this post, so I think this is the most important reason that why this is a comment for 100th post.

    Secondly, for me,I purchased a pair of jeans recently and it is the only pair of jeans since the last five years because I have been a legging with dress/coat lady for the past five years to hide the truth that my bottom is oversized than my top , so this is a circle for me and it matches with the topic of ‘jeans’๏ผˆalthough it is not flared jeans) ๐Ÿ˜„

    To talk about fashion, the light blue jeans I bought is for matching my navy cape to demonstrate different levels of blue and I have been surprised that how easily it is to be obsessed with wearing jeans after five years’ long time (why do I sounds like I am telling a joke, lol..) even if I have been used to the comfort of leggings…so I guess I will start wearing jeans (and other pants!) and it will soon be my circle of jeans ๐Ÿ˜„

    Finally, Vivienne, congratulations on your 100th post and let’s celebrate the 1000th circle of posts together, yoho!

    • Thank you April. ๐Ÿ™‚
      First of all, I like your humour and your reason behind it why you picked my 92nd post to congratulate my 100th. Yes, “circle of life” – we are living and breathing in it!! From our lives; the four seasons and even to a pair of jeans… The cycle truly goes on and on…

      I enjoy reading about your sense behind your personal styling; your “demonstrate different levels of blue” could be a blog post/topic or even a series of posts to me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Thank you again for your loving and kind wishes! Yes we must catch up soon so I can see you in different shades of fabulous blue!!! X X

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