My OOTD Now – The Sheer Pink Satin Coat


My poor pink satin coat… It has travelled with me from Taipei to Sydney; Sydney to Taipei and back again to Sydney. Waited patiently in my wardrobe from the ’90s until now, and I have finally taken it to my local drycleaner, so it has been refreshed; restyled and reloved!!

Well, thanks to the comeback of the ’90s fashion trends, sheer fabric is back! What I absolutely adore, is Carolina Herrera’s Spring/Summer 2016 Ready-to-Wear Collection. There is no shortage of sheer pink fabric in this amazing collection (example image below).
“I’m in my rose period.” Said Carolina Herrera when she talked about her S/S 2016 Ready-to-Wear fashion. And how fabulously romantic does it sound?!!!

What I have noticed, is that there is a big difference between ’90s and now when it comes to wearing sheer fabric garments. The ’90s seemed to focus on contrasting; colour clashes and that was shown in my previous post – black was worn underneath my sheer pink coat.
The current trend, however, is all about blending in, think of nude on nude, a much cleaner; harmonized and subtle approach regarding the layering of sheer fabrics.

‘Voilà!’ Here’s how I bring my ’90s pink satin coat to 2016! Basically, I wrapped the belt around my neck – choker style (“So hot right now!”). After tying a bow, I decorated it with a cute crystal owl pin. Instead of wearing anything contrasting under the sheer coat, I chose a nude slip to wear underneath.
They are the major changes.., and of course, the sunglasses.

One thing I want to talk about here.., we often hear people saying that if we haven’t worn a garment in over six months, or some might say a year, then we should get rid of it.
I agree with this sentiment most of the time BUT I’m happy that I did not follow this advice with my sheer pink coat.
After all, like great wine, the true statement pieces just improve with time.

Location shot by photographer Kent Johnson.
Big congratulations to Kent, who’s photo ‘Ladies Party’ is one of the 2016 Australian Life exhibition finalists.



  1. Hi Vivienne, thanks so much for mentioning my work in the art show. Last day TODAY! Love our shoot here near Boy Charlton Pool, the soft blues go well with the sheer pink. Great styling as always! Cheers xx

    • Thank YOU for another great collaboration Kent. With our spring temperature so up and down and most of the days are very windy, I think we did well by picking the right day and the right location to shoot this fashion story.

      For those of you who live in Sydney, today is the last day of Australian Life 2016 open exhibition. 22 finalists’ work in large format prints are hanging in Hyde Park. If you enjoy art and photography, today is your last chance to go down there and take a look! X

  2. Wow, now that is a classic and what an investment! Very smart of you to purchase way back in the 90’s, this is proof that fashion continues to repeat itself, but it also takes divine taste likes yours to master that!

    • Awww.., thank you for your wonderful compliments! Yes indeed, if anything repeats itself, fashion is on top of the list! I guess my motto here is that, if we find something worthwhile keeping; we might as well hold on to it. X

  3. Hi Viv,

    Wish you were in New York City this month, your look and style in Pink would have walked ten thousand miles for the Breast Cancer Research Programme alone, well, perhaps next year? Trust you to recreate something awesomely gorgeous.

    Bring it on ❤
    xx Margie

    • Awww.., dear Margie, I’d love to do that!! What an awesome idea to support the Breast Cancer Research Programme! Thank you for your wonderful feedback, until next ‘pink October’.., fingers crossed… 💞💞💞

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