At Wolftress ‘We Are Warriors’ S/S15 Collection Campaign Launch

640-V2-AdjSE-F3863When I received the invitation for Wolftress S/S Collection Launch Event – ‘We Are Warriors’, I knew I must attend.
Not only did the invitation say “Let us take you to ancient China”; which, as a Chinese from Taiwan, it’s very close to my roots. Also, looking at Wolftress’ latest campaign photos, the models’ hair dos reminded me of those ancient Chinese warriors I’m familiar with from watching countless Wuxia (武俠) TV series and movies in my childhood.

Kent and I arrived at the funky warehouse venue in Surry Hills and were greeted with Chinese lanterns hanging outside the front door. We arrived on-the-dot and beat the crowd. This early bird – moi – started with a glass of champagne; walked around checking out the latest collection, which were made with materials hand stitched and dyed in the rural village of Zhoucheng (周城), China. They are made by ladies from the Bai minority group who are currently making this fabric for Wolftress to use in their latest collection.

As guests were arriving, so too were our nibbles. We were treated with mini spring rolls; mini San Choy Bau (生菜包) and fried dumplings to go with the Chinese theme.
Performers were dressed in the latest collection and wowed us with a choreographed dance, followed by a screening of the ‘Wolftress Trails to Ancient China’ short film. They certainly kept us entertained!

“What a great turn out tonight!” I kept hearing people say. Yes indeed, and the energy and the vibe was incredible!
I’m including some of my Instagram photos below and let the pictures do the talking.
Kent found me on the dance floor while he was holding two goodie bags. ‘I guess it’s time to go…’
Thank you Wolftress!!

To view Kent’s Street Fashion Sydney blog of the event, simply click here!

Photography by: Kent Johnson



  1. A Beautiful presentation throughout your site, cheers!

    1. I’m so happy to hear that, thank you!

  2. Beautiful pictures! ❤
    Have a nice weekend! ❤

    1. Cheers~ Marina. 😉 You too; have a good one! :-*

  3. I really like that the theme goes beyond the paper lanterns. How cool that the textiles have been dyed and stitched in China. 🙂

    1. Yes indeed Mitzie. It did go beyond the paper lanterns; that’s why I mentioned the Chinese finger food in my article as they are all part of the China theme. 🙂

      I’d love to visit China’s Zhoucheng village to witness Bai Ethnic Group’s tie-dyeing techniques; to be able to see this over 1,000 years tradition in action, it must be so amazing!!

  4. This looks like so much fun! And I love the history that clearly inspired the collection, and that the event was so well thought-out. Thank you for sharing ❤

    1. Thank you for your feedback too Inghild. Yes the launch event seemed like a great success, I certainly enjoyed myself! X

  5. Love the topknots! Still working on mine, xxoo

    1. Me too Moira! X X

  6. The ambiance seems to be exciting. I’ll look on instagram Vivienne. bye bye

    1. Yes Krystel, the turnout; the atmosphere; the vibe… It was just incredible!!!

  7. This sounds super amazing! The food sounds delicious! Have a fun week!

    xo, Bry

    1. Thank you Bry. You too; enjoy the rest of your week! X X

  8. That is a beautiful collection. Chinese treats sound awesome, they need to serve stuff like that at Singapore events! 😀


    1. I agree with you Audrey. Thank you for your feedback! 🙂

  9. Yes you are right. The hairstyles on the models sure reminded me of the old “Chinese warrior” movies!

    1. And their ‘Chinese eye make up’; have you noticed? 😉

  10. caminim · · Reply

    beautiful pictures and collection ❤

    1. Thank you Cami. :-*

  11. Oooh, looks like so much fun and positive vibes, beautiful photos! (And writing.)

    1. Thank you for your lovely feedback Cara!!

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