My Style Pick On The Eve Of Sydney Italian Festival Launch


Here are my favourite fashionistas AND my favourite event crew (picture above)! We all turned up channelling Italian glamour and style – our own way – on the eve of the Sydney Italian Festival launch, so I’ve been feeling the itch to share my thoughts all round…

Left to right, fine art and fashion photographer Kent Johnson
Kent’s ensemble that night was a classy smart casual look. His pink shirt was my idea, not only did the colour match my dress’ pink floral, I suggested him to wear pink also for the ‘Pink October’ – Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Kent’s whole look got a lift up by the well fitted navy blazer – it’s every stylish man’s wardrobe essential!
The fedora? Well, that’s part of Kent’s ‘Hat Man’ signature style!

Second from the left, moiyours sincerely. Well, last year I turned up the launch with a beaded Paola Frani cocktail dress, this year I went for this Trelise Cooper creation simply because it screams ‘Romeo & Juliet’ to me and has done since I first laid my eyes on it.
I’m totally in love with this “Happy Ever After” dress, as it’s named by Trelise Cooper, but I have been calling it my ‘Juliet Dress’!
“It’s very baroque and renaissance!” Said style editor Vanessa Roberts.
However, to find suitable accessories to compliment it can be tricky, the wearer needs to avoid over powering it and I’d be happy to know that I kept my ensemble in harmony.

Next, our friend, fashion stylist and social media influencer Christopher Haggarty. Christopher’s classic black and white outfit-of-the-night had a twist. He mixed leather pants; leather lapels and metal belt buckle with white silk pocket square and a white lapel flower pin, it’s like mixing rock ‘n’ roll with black tie. It’s risk taking and I think Christopher had pulled it off nicely.
The beauty next to Christopher is Vanessa Roberts, editor in chief of Breakfast with Audrey. I adore Vanessa’s modern; sleek style. Vanessa had a bright red blazer (bottom left of the image below) worn as a cape early on that evening and her Gucci accessories added Italian passion – green and red – to her look!

Another beauty Jill Wright. Jill is a model; a stylist and a fashion blogger. When I saw Jill that night, I couldn’t help myself thinking of the Swedish-Italian bombshell, actress Anita Ekberg from La Dolce Vita. Jill’s blonde wavy hair; the low cut bustline design of her black evening ensemble and so on were all Sylvia (from La Dolce Vita) to my eye, all we needed was a fountain!!
Last but not least, talent manager Kai Lebens, our stylish and lovely American friend, who was wearing a fabulous burgundy suit. Not only was the colour itself a winner, I love the contrast of it against his white shirt and the white pocket square. I also adore the way Kai wore it open necked, this laid back attitude went well with his beaded bracelet and rings. Great choice of shoes too.

Cheers to our sartorial effort and we all had a fantastic time at the launch party.
Main picture courtesy of Italian Trade Agency – Sydney.

Images below clockwise from top left:
1) Channel Seven The Morning Show fashion stylist Donny Galella chose two well dressed ladies as winners of style competition.
2) Women in red truly stood out in the crowd.
3) Vanessa’s Gucci accessories.
4) Master of Ceremony Janette Lakiss and Loredana Di Nunzio from the Italian Trade Agency both looking fabulous and glamorous in their evening gowns.



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