The Celebration Of Ethical Fashion Experience At Hotel 57


It was a celebration night of four brands and their representatives, who joined forces with the stylish Hotel 57 in Surry Hills to launch the Ethical Fashion Experience.

This intimate gathering took place in the lobby of Hotel 57, Kent and I were sipping our welcome glass of champagne while being introduced to Jimmy Saruchera, the principle behind Wires Glasses.
“Wires is a line of fair-trade, wire-crafted sunglasses designed by Yair Neumann in London, and made by expert craftspeople in Zimbabwe.” As we were given a brief intro to Wires Glasses by Jimmy, we happily met the sculptor Daniel Dominguez who’s head sculptures were on display to showcase the uniqueness of Wires Glasses (image below on the top left, Jimmy on the left side with Daniel).

Katja Vilund, an attractive; petite Finnish young lady (image below on the top right) who’s the designer and business owner of urban jewellery line – Vilund Design. What is ethical about Vilund Design is that, Katja has visited her workshop in the Southeast Asia and has seen herself that there’s no child labour and the craftspeople are paid properly.
Citizen Wolf‘s business owner Zoltan Csaki (image below on the bottom left) proudly informed us that all his organic cotton T-shirts are Australia owned and made.

Although we missed out on meeting with Mighty Good Undies (well, perhaps next time), we were impressed by these brands, who have incorporated the ethical aspects of manufacturing into their designs, in other words, they are socially aware as they are chic!
To find out more details about these brands, you can go online; check them out in Eastside Sydney area of Surry Hills, which is a trendy suburb where these brands all being from; or pay a visit to Hotel 57, there’s an unique installation in the lobby showcasing these four handmade; elegant fashion products.

Main picture featuring Katja; Jimmy and myself wearing Wires Glasses sunnies. Photo credit, together with the below images, except for the bottom right, all by: Kent Johnson.
To read Kent’s take on this event, simply click here!



    • Thank you for your wonderful feedback Katrina. For me, the most exciting part of attending these events is meeting creative people while getting to know more about fabulous brands. No matter it’s an established brand or a start-up, there’s always heaps to learn! 🙂

  1. Ethical fashion is really something I would love to see more of in the future. I always get mixed emotions when highstreet brands are priding themselves on using organic fabrics, while at the same time employing child labor.

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