My Travel Essentials – A Statement Bag

My Travel Essentials - A Statement Bag

As we all know, July and August are the peak months of vacations around the world, especially in the Northern Hemisphere. Therefore, I want to dedicate my next few blog posts to our favourite holiday season.

My travel handbag – THE centre piece of my ensemble…
After deciding which bag I’d take with me, then I’ll start packing my outfits to suit this ‘main feature’.
There are at least three major elements I look for when it comes to choose a travel bag, after all, I normally only take one day time bag with me on a trip, so it really matters.
My three MUSTS are:

1) Size – So my DSLR camera; pocket camera; a small make up bag; a pair of sunglasses; a pair of glasses; my purse; my smart phone and sometimes even a map and/or a bottle of water… Need to ALL fit in! Cut the long story short, I need a size-able handbag like this mustard yellow one I took to Paris with me in 2011.

2) Colour – Bright and strong – It’s a statement!!!

3) A cross-body bag – After my experience of been robbed under day light in the street of an European capital city, this kind of design became essential!

Self portrait with the collaboration of E.S.


  1. Fabulous!!
    The places you travel will not know what has hit them when you get there!! Great style.

    And it is so easy to pack too much when you travel, and having one bag like this makes sense. It is so important to travel “light” so getting on and off planes, buses, whatever, you can easily carry your own things. Plus your bag is far more attractive than a backpack! 🙂

    Anyone seen a trendy/fashionable backpack? There must be some!

    • Thank you for your compliments Oliver. 🙂
      Well no, I have not seen an attractive backpack yet…. I’ll keep this in mind and if I do see one, I’ll get back to you, how’s that?

  2. Backpacks are no ” fashionable “, always looks like you are going on a camping trip, even if it is a brand name.
    Besides, if you want to fit in all your necessaries, it’s packed in a tight pouch where it is impossible to find what you are looking for. Your bag; Vivienne, is great and fits your style, bravo!
    Too big for me though……..

  3. There you hear it Oliver, I think Viviane just answered what I’ve always thought about a backpack!!!

    Merci~ Viviane! And I do know how stylish and feminine a smaller handbag could be… (I love them too!!)

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