A Simple White Shirt – Part Six


In my humble opinion, to rock the shirt dress as a shirt dress, the wearer needs a good pair of toned and, preferably, tanned legs.

At the end of last spring, I was putting on some extra weight but feeling happy and perhaps, over confident, so I decided to give my Chinatown-found shirt dress a go. Yes, wearing it as what it is – a shirt dress!
Kent was so kind that he did not advise me that I didn’t have the ‘right legs’ to pull this look off, instead, he was pleased watching me running around indulging myself with this outfit.

Then came the time to select the pictures… Although most of the photos suggested to me that I might have been better off going with black leggings and my shirt dress; I, however, managed to not be too harsh on myself.
After all, it’s only fashion, and fashion should be about taking risk and having fun, right?

Let’s get out there and give it a go!

Photo credit: Kent Johnson.


  1. The shirt looks quite perfect on you and what better ocassion to use it than in Spring?And you are right fashion us about risking it and having fun

    • Thank you for your compliments! I’m terribly sorry about my late reply.., to tell the truth that I’ve been taking time off travelling AND starting a new project – White Caviar Life http://whitecaviarlife.com/. A proper introduction will be blogged here soon-ish!! Wish you are keeping well. X

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