Connect Italy 2017 Sydney Media Presentation At Doltone House


On Monday the 13th, Kent and I had the privilege to be at the exclusive presentation of theMICAM and MIPEL for Connect Italy 2017 media briefing at Doltone House, Pyrmont, Sydney.

During this showcase which was hosted by the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), we learnt about the Connect Italy trade tour, which promotes the high quality; artisan skills and stylish design of Made in Italy products, and had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Riccardo Braccialini, President of AIMPES (The one in green suit of picture below, bottom left.) and Mr. Tommaso Cancellara, General Manager of Assocalzaturifici (picture below on the top right).

“This significant trade event has been coordinated as a result of interest in Australia retail opportunities at a global level…” “In 2016, retailers in Australia have benefited from a record number of tourists visiting Australia, particularly from China. Australia has built its status as a luxury-shopping destination for Chinese shoppers.” We were informed by ITA.
After speeches made by both Mr. Riccardo Braccialini and Mr. Tommaso Cancellara, we watched informative video introductions, then treated to a buffet lunch of delicious Italian food.

Later we browsed through some of the Italian manufacturer brands, including Pakersons shoes; Fabiano Ricci; My Choice; IMAC; Grunland and Sax Shoes. I found it hard to leave behind those stylish Italian shoes!
“See you both at the Cocktail Reception tonight!” Said our friend, food blogger and YouTuber Vincenzo AKA Vincenzos Plate (The one in blue shirt of the image below, bottom left.)

Yes! Stay tuned to my part two of Connect Italy 2017 post!

Main picture features gorgeous Loredana (from ITA) and I at the Connect Italy 2017 media showroom. Photo credit: Kent Johnson



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