Attending Tissot NBA Finals VIP Party In Street Fashion Sydney Style

Tissot 2019 NBA Finals Party
Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images for Tissot

If you have followed Kent’s Street Fashion Sydney blog, you might remember that he has been invited to several watch launches over the years such as Omega, Piaget to Australia’s very own Christian Paul.

On the last day of Sydney autumn, I accompanied Kent to attend Tissot NBA Finals VIP Viewing Party, which was an epic event that took place at the Overseas Passenger Terminal – Cargo Hall. Now you may wonder what does the Swiss luxury watch have to do with the American NBA basketball games? Well as it turns out Tissot is the official NBA time keeper. You learn something new every day!

Judging from our Outfit-of-the-Day choices, you might assume that Kent and I had planned matching looks; well, in fact, my outfit was put-together last minute due to a sudden cold change (my original choice would not have kept me warm). So regarding my last minute change of plan, and happen stance matching, here’s my thought process…

Out of my very few winter jumpers, I went for this blue, red and grey wide striped number. The colours do remind me of the American flag; I had a feeling that it’s an American themed party – American basketball after all! ‘Now, what goes with that?’ ‘Blue jeans?’ ‘Too casual.’ ‘Black A-line skirt?’ ‘Better not mixing navy blue and black.’ So I had this debate running in my head… No black with navy, what goes with watching sport? So I ended up settling with not pants but this silver pleated maxi skirt. The only real sporty element in this outfit would be my silver sneakers, if only I had a basketball cap… Overall, I was pleased with my 8-minute styling effort. I took a look at Kent’s red and cream Venetian gondolier striped sweater (he wears it everywhere nowadays), a blue and white stripy shirt underneath. Believe me, our red and blue ensemble was not planned. It happened by coincidence!

And little did we know that our blue and red colour combination was surprisingly well coordinated with the NBA logo on the media wall! ‘Was that the only reason the Getty Images photographer wanted a shot of us?’ I jokingly asked.

Why did I say it was an EPIC event? Find out more about Tissot NBA Finals VIP Viewing Party through White Caviar Life’s event coverage. For my event fashion and styling details, please head on to White Caviar Life’s latest post!

Photo credit: Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images for Tissot

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