The Ultimate Cool – All Black

The Ultimate Cool - All Black

The Paparazzi were hunting down Angelina Jolie’s every move since her filming commitment had brought her and her six children to Sydney in September.

As a huge fan of hers, I followed up her news whenever I had a chance.
Lately, I looked at some images of her and her children, one of the paparazzi shots taken after the Jolie-Pitt family visited the Sydney Aquarium.., Angelina, in her signature all black – worn from the top to toe – was looking relaxed and casual, with a sense of ease from her one colour (or absence of colour) ensemble.

This ‘head to toe black style’, reminded me the years during my late teen. Back then; I loved wearing all black! It was a period of time I was slowly transforming from a girl to a young woman.
I remember that about then, wearing all black meant: saying good bye to those sweet baby pink lace dresses; it meant taking off those innocent white socks straight after school; it meant I was counted as one of the ‘cool kids’ in town… In the small city of Yilan in Taiwan; wearing all black also meant you were guaranteed to be a stand out!

So, what was it exactly, that made this once ‘funereal dress code’ so timeless and popular in this ever changing world of fashion?
Most of us would agree that it’s sophisticated; elegant; powerful looking; mysterious; formal and says, ‘in charge’…

Perhaps, this heavy-looking; light-absorbing strong ensemble, owes its popular status thanks to countless New Yorkers and Londoners, who have made black-on-black a metropolitan style, at once so chic and desirous!
After all, who wouldn’t want to dress sharply in a black suit, while hosting a charity function in up town Manhattan?!
Or.., wearing a black overcoat with a black evening gown to attend London Ballet season’s premiere?!

During Brad Pitt’s promotion tour for his latest zombie action film ‘World War Z’, Angelina Jolie accompanied him and appeared at several premieres and more than a few times, she wore all black ensembles!
The most memorable one among them all to me, was a Saint Laurent – black chiffon blouse worn under a black tailored suit – that she appeared in for Pitt’s Paris film premiere.
Her hair was styled in a simple ponytail – clean and sleek. And this head-to-toe black look has indeed represented her strength; elegance and a sense of cool…

Photography by: Road Wang


  1. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Congratulations! Beautiful shot! Black is mysterious and elegant in every occasion…. The no color for excellence!!!!

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