A Simple White Shirt

A Simple White Shirt

In 2005, I had a brief holiday in Roma…

It was late summer in Rome when I finally arrived at Leonardo da Vince Airport after a 24-hour long haul trip from Sydney via Singapore and London.
After such a tiring flight, of course it’s not over yet until I collected my luggage. I waited patiently by the luggage carrousel, somehow, it was no where to be seen…
Calming my panic down, at the same time I had to join a long missing luggage queue, where I was advised that my luggage was most likely still at Heathrow.

By the time my taxi took me to my hotel, I was dead tired as you could imagine. However, been in Rome excited me so much that I decided to do some sightseeing instead of stay in bed resting.
When I stepped into Rome’s 36C heat, I was in a turtle neck jumper which I wore in Sydney winter when I got on the plane. I was soon having a flashback of those nicely packed summer clothes I carefully selected, which were all in my ‘missing’ luggage – somewhere between London and Rome.
‘Could I wait a day or two for my luggage to return to me and meanwhile, wearing this wool jumper in the 36C heat?’ Well, the answer was NO!
So, I took myself shopping!

I quickly browsed into Zara and spotted a short sleeved simple white shirt. Although it’s slightly looser fitting than I would have liked, it was the last one left in that style. Not only did I like its lantern-shape sleeves, I could also afford it. So, ‘Why not buy it?’ – It’s sold!

One and a half days later, my missing luggage was safely delivered to my hotel, meaning: I could have plenty other choices of summer wear…
When I arrived later in Liverpool, UK, I developed the films shot in Rome. In those photos, I saw myself sitting in front of the Trevi Fountain wearing that white shirt with my yellow floral skirt; I also wore it as a cover shirt over an one piece white dress when I posed near the Spanish Steps; at Via Condotti, I tied it’s bottom to a knot and wore a pair of high-waist shorts with it… Clearly, this simple white shirt was THE most wearable garment during my time in Rome. ‘We’ were inseparable!
Oh! Here’s one more picture: I wore it with my jeans when I was in a snapshot licking my gelato at Piazza Navona…

No doubt that shirt was the IT fashion item for me during my very first ‘Roma holiday’! I later called it ‘my magic shirt!’
From then on, no matter it comes to travel wear or casual smart wear, I know I could always count on a simple white shirt.


  1. haha. cool story. Its definitely the simple things that make life seem not-so-difficult. Maybe now people can understand my communities prior fascination with the illustrious white t-shirt fashion period.

    • Thank you for your comment Judah. I’m glad that you find my little story cool and it reflected to your own simple white shirt experience. Yes, the simple thing is great! Less is often more! No matter it comes to fashion, style or life itself! Isn’t it?! 😉

  2. I agree a simple white shirt you can do so much. Dress it up with a colourful scarf or when the weather becomes chilly add a splash of colour with a woolen cardigan or woolen scarf. Great with jeans, trousers, slacks, skirts. Just a wonderful essential part of anyone’s wardrobe. How could you ever imagine one simple white shirt could do and mean so much:=]

    • That’s right Ann-maree! A simple white shirt is like a blank canvas! It allows us to be creative and throwing our personal style to it! And that, enough to give the wearers lots of fun!! X X

  3. I loved that story! Missing luggage must be horrible but glad you got it! You look good in this shirt. I also love them but I have problems to find a proper size coz I have really big breast and buttons are just constanly opening. xx

  4. White shirt is really timeless thing and should be in every wardrobe :). Vivienne, you have so interesting writing style! You’re very talented. I read your posts with great pleasure.

  5. What a funny story! I’m glad that you got your luggage back AND you found so much use out of that Zara blouse! I agree, it truly is a versatile item every woman should have in her closet….as long as it doesn’t get too wrinkly while traveling…


    • I’m happy to hear my fashion story entertains you Victoria. Yes a wrinkle-free white shirt would be a dream come true to many! Thank you for your lovely feedback! X

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